ARBORjet® Tree Injections

ARBORjet® Injections protect and care for the health of your trees.

ARBORjet® protects your trees from pests without the mess of spraying pesticides.

ARBORjet® has specific formulations to treat destructive fungi and other diseases that might impact them.

ARBORjet® can be used to fertilize your trees with nutrients for optimal growth.


Pest Control

Originally created to control Hemlock Woolly Originally created to control Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, ARBORjet® has now expanded to limit the impact of a number of invasive pests. No matter what insects you might need protection from, ARBORjet® is the solution. These treatments are especially useful if you live around preserve areas or water, as the injections stay within the tree. There is no uncontrollable spray with ARBORjet®. Instead, the treatment goes directly into the trunk. To control your pests without the mess, ask us about ARBORjet® treatments today.

Disease Control

ARBORjet® treatments can also be formulated to protect trees from mites, fungi, and several other diseases that might impact their growth, including but not limited to: apple scab, fire blight, and beech leaf disease. If you have noticed any of your trees struggling with these diseases, we can help. Our highly trained professionals are ready to provide ARBORjet® services to your home.

Nutrient Rich

If you have kids or a dog and don’t want to worry about where your fertilizer ends up, ARBORjet® treatments are for you. The results from ARBORjet® fertilizers are unparalleled and backed by science. For fruit trees that aren't producing or a maple that looks sparse, ARBORjet® treatments will bring life back into your yard. ARBORjet® also has lawn and garden solutions for your everyday needs. To inquire about the services we provide, contact us today!

We are the only landscaping business in the area who has invested the time and energy to master the skills of ARBORjet® injections. If you are curious how ARBORjet® injections can help your yard, garden, or trees flourish, reach out to us today!