1. The Lawn is Turning Brown Why Should I Bother?

    We’ve had a tough late-spring and summer for rainfall in the Northeast, and you are no doubt experiencing a browning of your lawn.  Greensphere wants to answer some common questions about why this happening and what we can do about it.  Frequently Asked Questions About Lawns in Drought Condition…Read More

  2. Tick & Mosquito Spring Specials

    Spring is here but so are the ticks. With the warmer temperatures we are seeing a surge in tick population. With more time being spent at home during the current state of emergency, we want you to have the freedom to enjoy your property without worrying about bothersome and potentially dangerous pes…Read More

  3. 5 Easy Landscaping Projects For When You’re Stuck at Home

    Landscaping Projects to Keep You Busy If you’re like most people, you may have suddenly found yourself with some extra time on your hands. While the wise and prudent thing to do is limit your interactions with large groups of people, that doesn’t mean that you need to sit around doing nothing! Y…Read More

  4. Swazy & Alexander Celebrates 15 Years in Business

    Swazy & Alexander Celebrates 15 Years in Business Local Landscaping & Fertilization Company Grows its Success, Year-After-Year Newburyport, MA: Swazy & Alexander Landscaping LLC/ Green Sphere, a landscaping and fertilization company specializing in Property Care and Turf, Tree and Tick …Read More

  5. lawn weeds

    Identifying & Getting Rid of Crabgrass

    You had a beautiful spring green-up, but as summer waves hello, so too, do weeds. One weed, in particular, has become quite the nuisance…. Crabgrass! These broad blades emerge in tuffs across your well-manicured grass, marring your sleek, clean lawn with chaotic, unmatching clumps of green. Spot …Read More

  6. 12 Classic Landscaping Ideas for Your Massachusetts New England Style Home

    There’s nothing like the marriage of clean white siding and rustic elegance. Because of their simplistic beauty and functionality, these New England style homes were popular throughout all of America’s architectural history. Whether it’s the balanced symmetry of the Cape Cod style or the spa…Read More

  7. What is Organic Tick Control and How Does it Work

    Thinking of "Going Green" this Earth Week? What is “Greener” than Organic Tick & Mosquito Control? Spring sprung late this year but the ticks and mosquitoes are already out in full force and most experts predict it will be an explosive year for these pesky and potentially dangerous pests. No…Read More

  8. Why Fertilizer is Important for Lawn Health

    Is your lawn starving? If you haven’t fertilized lately, it could be. Grass needs nutrients to thrive, but many lawns are constantly malnourished and don’t look as good as they should. Patchiness, bare spots, browning, and weed invasion are hallmarks of a starving or struggling yard. These probl…Read More

  9. Why Crabgrass Prevention is Important This Time of the Year

    Spring is when your yard begins to sparkle with fresh new grass. As lush green spreads across the lawn, keep an eye out for an intruder that kills the magic: crabgrass. When it takes root, it can ruin an otherwise beautiful lawn. Early spring is the perfect time to identify crabgrass, prevent it fro…Read More