Brush Clearing

The Importance of Invasive Plant Removal

By Chris Imlach / January 8, 2021

While most people may view the invasive plant species common in Massachusetts as a mere annoyance, they actually have negative impacts that are serious and far-reaching. While they do make landscaping more of a chore, they can also negatively affect water quality, biodiversity, the local fish and wildlife habitat, tree cover, pose a fire risk,…

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Time Is Ticking… Tick Habitats & Barriers

By Chris Imlach / December 3, 2019

11 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR YARD FROM TICKS THIS FALL & BEYOND Summer is officially over, no more camping, pool parties, cookouts …and no more ticks and mosquitoes biting either, right?? It’s true–summertime is the “tickiest” time of the year, especially in the eastern United States. But just because you haven’t seen many (or any) ticks…

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