1. It’s Time For Fall Lawn Care!

    We just received a timely email: “I know that fall is the best time to do lawn seeding. What’s the correct order in which to do the following: top dressing with compost, aerating, and overseeding?” This email contains questions that a lot of you have regarding the correct "order" of Fall lawn …Read More

  2. 6 Incredible Benefits of Composting

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the power of composting, but we bet you didn’t know how truly incredible this magical, mushy spread is for your landscape. Rich compost can not only make your grass greener and thicker, but it can also help your garden thrive beautifully— oftentimes better than any stor…Read More

  3. DIY Composting: How to Make a Plastic Compost Bin for Less than $20

    There Are Plenty of Reasons to Start Composting! Think of compost as a soil conditioner for your garden or lawn. You’re adding minerals, microorganisms, and organic matter to help your landscape prosper— all stuff proven to dramatically improve your soil structure to promise long-term results.…Read More