1. bush of purple flowers in the sunlight

    Shade-Loving Perennial Plants for Your New England Garden

    Outdoor gardening can be a very rewarding practice for many homeowners, but despite all their work, a lot of New Englanders find that their plants just don’t last. Many landscapes in our area have shaded areas under trees or overhangs. Unfortunately, not all plants thrive well without sun, and it…Read More

  2. Vegetable Garden – September 23

    So it's been quite a while since I blogged about the garden. We've been busy! We have been producing a ridiculous amount of tomatoes! We've been picking them a few times a week for over a month and haven't been able to get them all. When I look underneath the plants I've found twice as many have gon…Read More

  3. Vegetable Garden – July 11

    I hope your 4th was fantastic!  Our veggies loved the rain. So now I have a question for you; are your tomatoes 5' tall?  No? Are you jealous?  Next year set up your pots and beds the way I did and yours will be too. Seriously though ... I have seen a lot of plants lately at clients and friend…Read More

  4. Vegetable Garden – June 26

    Well it's creative but it's not pretty. The twine should support the tomatoes in the garden as they continue to grow. I definitely have over planted the vegetable beds but not for the reasons I thought (air flow issues etc. ... at least not yet).  The tomatoes are actually completely covering the…Read More

  5. Vegetable Garden – June 19

    Wow, the tomatoes are getting huge! My next step is to add significantly more staking to them. They are producing lots of flowers ..... and flowers = tomatoes! One mistake I think I've made is overplanting this small space. We will have to see if this creates issues in the near future. Hopefully the…Read More

  6. Vegetable Garden – June 10

    Ok folks here's garden post version 2.3... or something like that! We have solved the puppies in the garden dilemma by putting Dogwatch flags arounf the beds and training them just like on the fence around the perimeter of the yard.  Rudder (our old girl) won't even consider going near it anymore. …Read More

  7. Vegetable Garden – May 28

    Well we are 2 weeks into our 2014 garden and we've been able to enjoy the first fruits (or vegetables) of our labor.  The lettuce was delicious, even though only one out of the 2 kids thought so! We are discovering very early on that we will be fighting vermin all season if we have any hope of gett…Read More

  8. Vegetable Garden – Prepping the soil

    This season my wife Andrea and I, along with our boys (Sam 7 and Ben 5), have decided to grow a vegetable garden. While I know an awful lot about growing landscapes, I know very little about growing veggies. With the help of my brother, who I would consider to be a master gardener, I'll be garden…Read More