1. The Lawn is Turning Brown Why Should I Bother?

    We’ve had a tough late-spring and summer for rainfall in the Northeast, and you are no doubt experiencing a browning of your lawn.  Greensphere wants to answer some common questions about why this happening and what we can do about it.  Frequently Asked Questions About Lawns in Drought Condition…Read More

  2. 6 Fall Planting Tips for Your New England Garden

    Autumn is finally here, and it’s hitting Massachusetts in full force! It’s that time of the year where homeowners are itching to commemorate fall with seasonal decor. But while the pumpkins and hay bales look fabulous framing your door, the rest of your landscape is looking pretty lackluster fro…Read More

  3. Should I Overseed or Sod my Lawn?

    Summer’s passed... and your lawn is looking a little rough. There’s bare patches, deary spots or overrun weeds— and your turf is in need of a serious facelift before the cold weather hits. Not overseeding or laying sod on weakened grass can mean bad things come spring after a harsh winter of…Read More

  4. 5 Benefits of Adding Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Landscape

    Outdoor lighting can add new life to almost every landscape. Not only can a bright space be functional, but it can also make your home and yard look stunning. Illuminate your landscape to show off your investment. Here are five advantages to placing outdoor lighting on your property: 1. Safety Every…Read More

  5. How to Create Your Own Landscape Design Plan

    You want a home landscape that you can be proud of, but you also don’t want to sacrifice your vision or break the bank hiring a professional landscaping planner or designer to give it the facelift it needs to shine. What if we told you that you could make your own plan — allowing you to bring yo…Read More

  6. DIY Composting: How to Make a Plastic Compost Bin for Less than $20

    There Are Plenty of Reasons to Start Composting! Think of compost as a soil conditioner for your garden or lawn. You’re adding minerals, microorganisms, and organic matter to help your landscape prosper— all stuff proven to dramatically improve your soil structure to promise long-term results.…Read More

  7. Bee on flower

    Make a Pollinator Garden to Help to Save the Bees

    Pollination? Sure, we’ve all heard that it’s important, but how does it work again? For those who need a refresher, when a bee lands on a flower and drinks its nectar, pollen from the flower’s male productive organ— the stamen—sticks to the little hairs on the bee’s legs. When the bee la…Read More

  8. seedlings in pots

    9 Ways to Prep Your Landscape for Summer

    Spring is finally here, but summer is just around the corner too. While you might have already given your yard a quick spring cleanup, there are a few more ways to add life to your landscape and prepare for the hot days ahead. Here are nine things to do to prep your property: 1. Plant Your Trees &am…Read More

  9. hands holding a tree up to the sun

    Celebrate Earth Day Right with these Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips

    Every April, there’s a special day devoted to recognizing our environmental impact and helping to protect our vibrant planet: Earth Day. In honor of this annual movement, we wanted to share some eco-friendly landscaping tips. We hope they empower homeowners— like you!— to make some greener la…Read More