Soil pH Explained: Acidic vs. Alkaline, What it All Means & How to Neutralize Your Lawn

By Chris Imlach / January 6, 2020

You’ve probably heard landscapers talking about the importance of a “neutral” soil, or perhaps the horror stories from neighbors about how their “acidic” lawn destroyed their grass. But beyond that, do you really understand what the pH of your lawn really means? We’re here to talk about the difference between acidic vs. alkaline soil and…

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image of grass buds emerging through dirt

The Pros & Cons of Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers

By Chris Imlach / November 4, 2019

Finding the Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn If you’re on the hunt for a landscape fertilizer, you’re in the right place. We’re here to clear up some confusion around organic vs. chemical fertilizers, listing some popular advantages and disadvantages to each form of nourishment. Whether you’re conditioning your grass or your favorite flowers, the right…

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