Winter Lawn Care

The Importance of Invasive Plant Removal

By Chris Imlach / January 8, 2021

While most people may view the invasive plant species common in Massachusetts as a mere annoyance, they actually have negative impacts that are serious and far-reaching. While they do make landscaping more of a chore, they can also negatively affect water quality, biodiversity, the local fish and wildlife habitat, tree cover, pose a fire risk,…

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4 Reasons to Wrap Your New Trees & Shrubs Before Winter Hits

By Chris Imlach / January 27, 2020

Winter is coming— and there are a few things you need to do to prepare for the winter ahead. You might be finishing your last mow, fertilizing your turf and even thinking about pruning your dormant trees and bushes when the cold hits. But have you remembered to wrap your newly planted shrubs and trees? Wrapping these…

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fallen brown leaves with frost

Poor Lawn Drainage Can Cause Winter Crown Hydration

By Chris Imlach / December 3, 2019

During the winter, your grass undergoes a great deal of stress. Cold temperatures, freezing ice, and compaction from heavy snow and snowmen building are just the beginning. Some landscapes have something else to worry about: crown hydration. Homeowners with poor lawn drainage systems are often the victims of this winter damage— killing their grass and…

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Garden lawn with bare spots after winter

Dead or Yellow Grass this Spring? It Might Be Salt Damage

By Chris Imlach / October 14, 2019

Every winter you treat your sidewalks at first sight of snow, the town salts the road. There are no accidents, no one slips and all is well. But come spring, there’s a problem: the grass around these areas is destroyed— a distinct yellow or dried brown. While the rest of your turf comes back, as usual,…

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frosted grass in winter

The Landscaper’s Guide to Regrowing Dead Grass After Winter Damage

By Chris Imlach / October 10, 2019

Winter can really take a toll on your turf. Dry winds, excess moisture from snow or ice and pesky critters can make a massacre of your lawn all season long. If your grass is dead or damaged post-winter, we’ve got you covered. Let’s determine the cause and give your landscape the refresh it needs to…

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