Common Lawn Diseases


Common Lawn Diseases

There are a variety of diseases that can negatively impact the look and health of your lawn. Keep your grass from being killed and your lawn from falling into disrepair by learning more about these common lawn diseases so you can identify them and prevent them from taking hold of your outdoor spaces. Check out this guide for help.

Red Thread

Red thread is a fungal infection characterized by thin reddish-brown strands coming out of the grass. This fungus grows in fall and spring when conditions are cool and wet and is usually killed off during the summer when temperatures increase.

Snow Mold

This fungal infection usually doesn’t show itself until the spring when the snow melts. Snow mold leaves large gray or pink-colored circles that can damage your lawn.

Brown Patch

This disease presents itself as large circular patches of brown fungus that yellows and kills your grass. This fungus is most prevalent when temperatures increase during early spring and summer right after the wet seasons.

Sooty Mold

Mostly a summertime problem, sooty mold isn’t necessarily detrimental to your lawn. Its black appearance and powdery texture make it mostly an aesthetic issue that is hard to remove.

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is a common problem on finely mowed grass areas like golf courses and sports fields. This fungal infection is identifiable by its small yellowish circles about the size of a half-dollar coin.

Pythium Blight

Left untreated, this fungus can contribute to a significant amount of turf loss. Appearing primarily in the summer, first as small white cottony circles, it can spread to leave large patches of dead grass.

If you think that you have any of these lawn diseases or want to prevent them, trust the dedicated team of turf care and maintenance experts at Green Sphere Lawn by Swazy and Alexander Landscaping.

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