Common Tree Diseases

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There are many different tree diseases that can plague your landscape, but don't worry, Green Sphere is here to help! Our tree experts in Newburyport, MA provide tree injections and fertilizations that can help prevent your trees from getting these common diseases.

Most Common Tree Diseases

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This fungal disease can cause leaves to turn brown and drop from the tree. Over time, it can also cause twigs and branches to die. The fungus thrives in wet conditions, so it is more common during the spring and fall months. Our team can inject your trees with the exact treatments they will need to help fight against anthracnose.

Fire Blight

Fire Blight

If your trees' leaves, flowers, and fruits are wilting and turning black, they may be experiencing fire blight. The bacteria thrive in hot weather conditions, so it is more common during the summer months. Our team can inject your trees with an antibiotic to prevent this spread.

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Cedar Apple Rust

This disease usually affects cedar and apple trees. The tree fungus causes yellow spots to form on the leaves of the tree, which can eventually turn into black lesions. Cedar apple rust most commonly occurs in the fall months when temperatures are cool and moist. The tree experts at Green Sphere can determine the treatments your trees will need, so they can live longer and healthier.

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Canker Diseases

Canker diseases are caused by a variety of different fungi. The most common symptom of canker disease is the appearance of lesions on the bark of the tree. This disease forms in moist and shady conditions, so it is often found near the base of trees.

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