Our Community

Supporting Our Community

Your Friendly Neighborhood Landscapers – Lending a Hand

Caring for More Than Just Your Yard

We’ve all experienced workers who are just looking to punch in and out, their eyes always glued to the clock. They’re just there to get paid.

We don’t hire those kinds of people. We foster teams that enjoy their work and are active members of the community. Why? Because there’s nothing more powerful than a caring hand.

Dismiss that apathetic landscaper and choose your friendly neighbors at Swazy & Alexander to nurture both your property and your community.

We Lead By Example

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do. That means going above and beyond what’s expected of us, to make a real and lasting impact.

Whether it’s putting in the extra effort to do the job right or to make our clients smile, we aim to please. Our crews understand that our kindness makes a difference and rubs off on others. Because of this, we volunteer our time, money and energy whenever possible.

Giving Back Anyway We Can

So what are some of the things we do for our community?

  • Organize food drives to benefit Our Neighbor’s Table each Thanksgiving
  • Build community gardens at local schools
  • Sponsor fundraising 5K races
  • Chip in our time and gifts for Christmas Tree Santas and Toys for Tots
  • Participate in Project Evergreen’s Snow care and Greencare by mowing and removing snow for troop families while service members are deployed
  • Sponsor local events that benefit parks, clean-ups and more
  • Do you want to help too? We encourage our clients to collaborate any way they can for a true team effort! Ask about how we’re currently helping your community to see how you can get involved!