Winter Pruning Services


A common misconception is that tree & shrub maintenance cannot be done in the winter. We think it's the best time and it's a step we encourage everyone to take! 

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During the winter months, trees & shrubs are in a state of dormancy. Pruning during this stage has several benefits, the most important of which is that it puts less stress on the trees. 

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Aside from being able to better determine the structure of your trees when they are bare, winter pruning also avoids spreading disease as bacteria and insects are also dormant during the winter.

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Potential Problem Solver

Green Sphere can offer this much needed pruning service that will help your trees & shrubs look better in the spring, stay healthier in the long run and prevent common winter damage. Contact us today!

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Will Make Your Yard Look Better In The Spring

Dormant pruning removes flower buds on those early spring time plants. It also is much safer overall as damaged or compromised trees can become dangerous in the winter. Winter pruning helps to keep you and your yard safe for the year to come!