Fall Services Special Offer

Organic Tick & Mosquito control- Sign up for our October application services and receive 15% off the service this year AND lock in pricing for the next season! Combat the rising inflation  and lock in at today’s rates on organic tick and mosquito control to eliminate next year’s price increase.  

Fall is when the nymph Deer Ticks become adults, so by reducing the tick population in the fall via this spray, it prevents them from laying eggs in the spring.  This is one ounce of fall prevention versus  a pound of prevention cure in the spring after the eggs hatch. 


Fall fertilization: Sign up for the last application of the season, Winterizer, and receive 20% off this application and lock in pricing for next year just like our offer for tick control above! This fertilizer application is vital now, in order to help the lawn recover from the prolonged period of drought we just came through. 

By giving the lawns the nutrients they need to store up over the winter now, they will come out of the spring stronger.  When lawns wake up in the spring they draw off their stored nutrients BEFORE  they start to uptake nutrients from the soil, the more they have stored up the healthier they will come out of the winter.