Frequently Asked Questions

1. I use another company- do you do the same thing?

At first glance, many companies appear to offer similar programs to ours. However, our approach stands out from the competition. Our vendors will attest to our commitment to meeting with them annually to discuss the latest products and techniques that allow us to achieve superior results while reducing chemical use on the landscape. Unlike most of our competitors, we have eliminated almost all synthetic fertilizers in our programs, and we tailor our programs to the unique needs of each property. If your current provider does not conduct a soil test at least every two years, they are not offering this level of customization. Additionally, we go above and beyond by sending a follow up email once each service is complete to make sure you are satisfied and informed. With an abundance of positive reviews on Google, we have a proven track record of excellence. We also offer the convenience of AutoPay, ensuring you never miss an invoice or payment deadline. To learn more about how we differentiate ourselves from the competition, please give us a call; we have a lot more we could tell you about.

2. Do you price match?

No, but our prices are competitive or even lower than other companies! When it comes to fertilization services, the old saying "you get what you pay for" rings true. A lower price may indicate that corners are being cut somewhere, such as in the quality of products used, the scope of the treatment area, or the service and training processes. At our company, we prioritize the well-being and success of our employees by providing living wages and excellent training, which sets us apart from other businesses that may deal with high turnover rates due to poorly trained and dissatisfied technicians. We take pride in our premium service offerings and are confident that we can deliver exceptional results. We have yet to find another company that matches the level of service we provide. Our glowing Google reviews speak for themselves!

3. I have pets, are your products pet safe?

At our company, we understand the importance of pet-friendly and eco-conscious lawn care for our customers. Whether you have one furry friend or a whole pack, we have you covered with our wide range of products. We are dedicated to minimizing chemical use wherever possible, employing both fully organic and low-toxicity options. Our Tick and Mosquito programs use 100% organic solutions, so you can enjoy your yard without any disruptions. Additionally, we avoid spraying chemicals high into the canopies of your plants, opting instead for soil and trunk injections, which are safer and more effective. Our lawn care services also produce exceptional results with minimal to no chemical usage. We would be more than happy to discuss any of our products or programs with you in greater detail.

4. Are organics as effective as chemicals?

Comparing organics and chemicals is like comparing apples and oranges; they are fundamentally different in their approach. While it's true that you may not achieve the same immediate results with an organic program as you would with a chemical one, our Optimized program provides a viable solution. We have eliminated almost all synthetic fertilizers from our programs, while still retaining control products for annual weeds such as crabgrass, broadleaf pests like dandelions, and grub prevention. This approach significantly reduces chemical usage while still producing outstanding results that are comparable in price to other companies that continue to use the same products they did 15 years ago.

5.Should I fertilize myself or hire a professional?

You may consider yourself a handy person who enjoys changing your car's oil or building a playhouse for your kids, but would you install a new transmission in your SUV or build an addition to your house? Most likely not, because you haven't spent years studying those trades and it's not something you're experienced in. The same applies to fertilization. We are licensed professionals because the products we use require expertise in both product selection and application. Our technicians undergo extensive training in the Green Sphere products & techniques. We continuously train on the cutting edge products & services of our field as well. Hire a professional and you'll be glad you did!

6. How are you different than a big national brand like Tru-Green?

We have noticed that national franchises like Tru-Green tend to target budget-conscious customers who are attracted by the low initial price point. However, they often upsell additional services to achieve the desired results, making false promises along the way. At our company, we value honesty and transparency with our customers. We focus on delivering results that will earn your loyalty for years to come. Unlike franchises, we invest in our employees and strive for low turnover rates, so you can expect to see familiar faces and build a personal relationship with our team. We will communicate with you regularly and answer your calls directly. By choosing us, you will not only get better results at a comparable price, but also support the local economy. Who knows, we may even sponsor your kids' sports team next season! Our people answer our phones. Don’t believe me? Call and talk to Patty or Andrea!

7. Should I hire an inexperienced new guy or an established company like you?

We have observed that inexperienced newcomers, while they may offer satisfactory service, are less dependable. In the event of their sickness or injury, who will attend to your property? Do they have an efficient system for conducting business with their customers? Are they properly licensed and insured? While we are enthusiastic about supporting small businesses like ours, we have been doing this for a long time! We have a team of seasoned managers & technicians, extensive experience, and streamlined systems in place that make us more accessible and hassle-free to work with than any other company, big or small!

8. I’ve seen your trucks around , you have nice equipment! That means you are expensive, right?

In short, No - we know that we offer competitive prices! We believe in making a great first impression, and we work hard to achieve it. We constantly reinvest into our equipment to ensure that we don't have unnecessary delays, scheduling changes or frustration due to break downs from using old or unreliable equipment.

9. My current company is ok, but it will be a pain to switch since they know my property, right?

Have you settled for mediocrity because it’s comfortable and familiar? We’ve all been there at some point. Switching to our services is a breeze! Rather than simply providing a quote over the phone or online, we’ll visit your property right away to assess its specific needs. Afterward, we’ll email you a detailed estimate, which you can accept with just a click. We’ll schedule your services, notify you of the date, and send you a report on what was done with instructions after each service. You can now enjoy your beautiful property, tell your friends about us, and receive referral bonuses! Or, at the very least, you’ll appreciate our services more than those of the “okay” company.


10. What if I'm not happy with the service or results?

At our company, we stand behind our work and offer the GS 5 Star Guarantee for all of our services.
The GS 5 Star Guarantee:
1. Guarantee to be honest and realistic about what we can deliver for results.
2. Guarantee that our Humans will answer the phone, not a call center.
3. Guarantee Quotes and Recommendations specific to your property.
4. Guarantee we'll communicate faster and better than any competitor large or small.
5. Guarantee you'll want to give us a 5 star review- if not simply call us and we'll make it right.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss the situation and determine if any additional actions need to be taken to make it right. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our services and is willing to give us a 5-star review and refer us to someone they know! As a small, family-owned business, our reputation means everything to us, and we take great pride in delivering exceptional results. We want to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations, and if we fall short in any way, we will address the issue with you promptly.