Just Because Winter Moths are Killing Your Environment Doesn’t Mean You Have To Do The Same…

Why Stem or Trunk Injection??

  • By injecting your trees instead of spraying them we can treat the tree from the inside out and eliminate drift of the spray.
  • In keeping with good Integrated Pest Management Practices, Stem or Trunk injections typically use the least amount of possible tree pesticide with the greatest amount of control.
  • Stem or trunk injection can be applied in environmentally sensitive areas like schools, parks, playgrounds and near waterways. Our applications are targeted so we don’t introduce chemicals to the environment around the tree (or your neighbors yard!)

We don’t want your leaves to look like Swiss Cheese  and as always we want to provide the most eco friendly method to get rid of these nasty little buggers (pun intended!).

Around Thanksgiving last year, the moths were out, fluttering around our outside lights as the proverbial moths to the flame. Maybe you noticed a few. Maybe you notice what seemed like a terrifying invasion of them. And they are on their way back in full force!

As we have mentioned to you before we have teamed up with our friends over at Arborjet to combat these flying menaces.

Please click below to learn how we use Arborjets environmentally friendly product.

♦  Learn how to identify the invasive Winter Moth in this  ♦ ♦ fast paced video field guide  ♦