Our Landscape Enhancement Services

✓  Lawn Installation, Seeding or Sodding

✓  Tree and Shrub Selection and Planting
  Landscape Lighting
✓  Annual and Perennial Selection and Planting
✓  Property Care and Seasonal Fertilization

You Deserve a Lively, Colorful, Picturesque Yard

Well-orchestrated landscape enhancements can significantly improve the curb appeal, comfort, and safety of your landscape. Our creative, insightful, and talented team of landscape and lawn experts can help design, implement, and maintain landscape softscapes for your residential or commercial outdoor spaces! We also take care of maintenance and upkeep for these landscaping enhancements and work with contractors to complete hardscape improvements. Harness the true potential of New England landscaping when you work with the team at Swazy & Alexander and Green Sphere.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Take a look at some of our beautifully maintained properties that have gotten landscape enhancement services and start seeing the potential in your own property, too!


Small But Special Touches

While some bigger landscaping projects need full design and hardscape modifications, such as constructing walkways, adding planters, etc., many properties can benefit from a few smaller-scale changes and upgrades that provide a high return on investment.

That’s where Swazy Alexander and Green Sphere comes in. Our talented landscape care team will bring your ideas to life by planting and nurturing your landscape with small but mighty enhancements.

Property Enhancement with Swazy & Alexander/ Green Sphere

Your landscape has a tremendous impact on how welcoming your home or business appears and can ultimately affect your property value. Completing landscape enhancement projects like lawn installation and more can help to improve the curb appeal and safety of your property while creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Enhance your outdoor aesthetic with some beautiful, lively flowers and greenery, or add some trees and shrubs to create depth and offer shade from the summer sun.

Careful Planning & Selection

Our team at Swazy & Alexander is composed of keen gardeners who will go to work for you by plotting out scenes to capture your landscaping vision and bring your landscape to life.

We care about meticulously crafting dynamic outdoor escapes. That means involvement every step of the way, from touring the local nursery and hand-picking your perfect flowers, to highlighting your long-loved cherry blossom tree. There is no detail overlooked and the entire project works together in one cohesive scene.

The Ultimate Guide to Curb Appeal

Six Ways to Instantly Increase Your Property & Home Value

Whether you’re interested in selling your home or commercial property, or you are a happy owner, curb appeal matters. In this free guide, you’ll gain insight from our landscaping experts about:

  • Eliminating Clutter & Cleaning
  • Transforming with a Fresh Coat of Paint
  • Conceptualizing with Symmetry
  • Framing & Sharpening the Entrance
  • Making it Lively with Greenery
  • Showcasing by Adding Light

This comprehensive download will guide you through every essential step to transform your exterior into something amazing!

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