Everything looks different at night. In the darkness, it’s easy to lose spatial awareness and accidentally injure yourself, whether by tripping on an uneven sidewalk, trampling over your petunias, or even falling into your in-ground pool!

Guests visiting your property are at an even greater risk of stumbling in the dark, as they might not be familiar with your landscape layout at all. Increase your safety with outdoor lighting installation from Swazy & Alexander and Green Sphere.


Speaking of guests, your landscape lighting grants you an extension of your home, even at night. Instead of entertaining company in your living room, invite them outside on your deck or patio for drinks in the moonlight during the summer months, or enjoy a crisp evening by a fire pit with hot cocoa. Roast marshmallows by your campfire or splash around for a late-night swim in your pool. The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down, as long as you have lighting, installed by the experts!


Thieves love dark spaces where they can creep unnoticed by neighbors or passersby. Thieves are also more inclined to assume you are away if your house is quiet and darkened, and they may seize the opportunity to break in. In these situations, exterior lighting saves you from headaches and trouble! Outdoor lighting encourages natural surveillance, allowing neighbors to see any suspicious activity on your property, and it also gives criminals an indication that you’re home, keeping them away.


Brightening your house and yard also creates a pleasant aesthetic. There’s nothing like coming home from work, errands, or even a night out with friends to a beautifully-lit home after time away. You invest a lot in your home by maintaining the lawn, beds, and by landscaping and decorating your property. Illuminate your space to enjoy night after night and admire your stunning work with lighting installation services from Swazy & Alexander.


Lastly, your landscape lighting can add curb appeal to your home and potentially increase your home’s value. A prim, well-lit property exudes wealth and can highlight parts of your property that you’ve invested more in. With lighting installation from the experts, you’re also ensuring that potential buyers can benefit from high-quality lighting for years to come, increasing your home’s value. If you’ve just refinished your driveway, footlights can draw attention to the fresh addition, or being the only lit home in your neighborhood may make your property more desirable when you’re ready to sell.

The best part about landscape and outdoor lighting is the low voltage, meaning that no electrician or permits are needed as long as you have an exterior outlet to plug the transformer into! Low voltage lighting uses a direct burial wire that is installed a few inches below the surface of your yard, making installation relatively easy and cost-effective. With LED bulbs in pretty much all new fixtures, the bulbs last for years to come and will cost you only a few dollars to run all year long.

With lighting installation services from our team, you’ll have a variety of options for running the system, from setting a clock for the times you want your lights on, to a photo eye so they turn on automatically when it's dark, or even to an app on your phone so you are always in control. We are able to install outdoor lighting fixtures that allow you to change the light color based on the season, too, giving you the highest level of control and design freedom. Your holiday lights have never been easier to put up!

Illuminating your exterior has never been easier with lighting installation from our team of landscape experts. Contact us to set up a lighting demo at your home and see how it can improve the appearance of your landscape at night.

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