Take Back Your Weekend

You’ve seen those picture-worthy properties. We’re talking about that clean lawn striping look of perfection that you’ve longed to manifest on your own property. We mean the lawns featuring perfectly manicured edges, bloomed perennials, and weed-free, neatly-trimmed grass. 

We all want the sharpest-looking property on the block— but who has the time to do it, or deal with a contractor not meeting your needs?

You’re stuck bagging grass or digging through the unruly garden on your weekends, only to feel like your landscaping quest has just begun. Or, you’re left dealing with unreliable, unprofessional contractors whose work is inconsistent and subpar at best.

Take back your weekend, that’s your time to relax. Leave your property care and maintenance to the professionals at Swazy & Alexander — you’ll be glad you did.

We’re Not Your Average Landscapers

At Swazy & Alexander, we take pride in going beyond the scope of traditional “maintenance”— because that disengaged word doesn’t even begin to touch what our landscape professionals really do.

Your property is a living, breathing entity. As it changes with the seasons, we don’t simply “maintain” a lackluster property— we attentively care for the land you call home.

That means more than just mowing your lawn; although, we, of course, do that too!

As a full-service landscaping company, we’ll begin with an assessment to create a custom strategy for your property and goals. Then, we prune, polish and vivify your property on a set schedule to create green, enriched spaces that mature and improve with time.

Property Maintenance

Stop mowing, paying your neighbor’s son to rake, and booking that overly-priced “expert edger” to do whatever he’s doing. We’ll take care of it all with professional-grade equipment and highly trained employees.

Our services were created with all of your needs in mind. Let Swazy & Alexander be your one-stop-shop for skilled property management and lawn care services.

Explore our Property Care & Maintenance Services:

Our Property Care & Maintenance Services are all-encompassing for both commercial properties and residential homes.

General Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Seasonal Clean-ups
  • Weekly Mowing & Trimming
  • Sustainable Mulching
  • Precise Edging
  • Stylish Pruning
  • Attentive Lawn Repair
  • Garden & Bed Nurturing
  • Irrigation Services
  • Tree Services
  • Poison Ivy Removal (by eradication)

Property Enhancements & Additional Services

Sometimes you need help with more complex landscaping services such as:

  • Annual Plantings
  • Overgrowth Removal
  • Weather Damage
  • Tree Replacement
  • Perennial Bed Enhancements