Red Thread making it’s appearance- What is it? Helpful info!

Due to the current wet weather, we expect to see the appearance of Red Thread in our area very soon. This is a common fungal disease that affects cool-season grasses, typically when temperatures range between 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit and the lawn stays wet for extended periods. When it appears, it presents as red or pinkish patches in the lawn.

While fungicide applications can help to eliminate Red Thread, they are not recommended. The disease is purely aesthetic and will not cause any lasting damage to your lawn. The next application of fertilizer, containing nitrogen, will help to push out the Red Thread with new growth, rendering additional chemicals unnecessary. If you do not have a fertilization program, the disease will naturally subside as conditions become drier this just takes longer than applying fertilizer..

Although Red Thread may be unsightly, there is no need for concern. It will eventually correct itself without the use of additional chemicals for prevention or treatment.

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