Providing Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Solutions to Salisbury

At Swazy & Alexander Landscaping, LLC., we know just how important it is to business and homeowners of Coastal Massachusetts to have an envy-worthy lawn all year round. We also know how important it is to be environmentally conscious and protect the community from harmful chemicals. Our lawn care company is committed to offering environmentally-friendly options. We are proud to be Salisbury’s go-to commercial and residential lawn care company. Contact us for your free estimate today.



At Swazy & Alexander Landscaping, LLC., we have seen too many residential and commercial lawns ruined by fertilizers that claim to help vegetation grow while killing pests. These commercial products are general purpose and simply dump chemicals onto your lawn under the guise of being nutrients. That’s why we have developed our proprietary fertilizer that is hand mixed for your lawn, once a soil test is completed. We even fertilize at the optimal times of the year for Salisbury seasons.

At Swazy & Alexander Landscaping, LLC, we are committed to using our scientific knowledge and lawn care talents to use by developing Green Sphere fertilization system. Our products are health- and environment-conscious, providing only what your lawn, trees, and shrubs need to grow, and nothing else. Let us grow your lawn, and nurture your trees while organically repelling ticks and mosquitos, all without endangering our community. Contact us to learn more and get your free estimate.

Explore Our Fertilization Services

Turf Fertilization

Take pride in your property by having the greenest lawn on the block. Our choices of treatments make it easy to achieve a weed and pest-free yard you can brag about.

Organic Fertilization

Don’t waste your time and money on costly “organic” solutions that under deliver. Trust our experts to mix a natural recipe tailored to your property’s unique needs that’s both effective and sustainable.

Tree Fertilization

Protect your prized Japanese Maple from pests and harsh weather. Our tree injections are safely performed by our fertilization experts to vitalize your trees and shrubs.

Tick and Mosquito Control

Never worry about Lyme disease or malaria in the confines of your home again. We’ll treat your property to ward off harmful pests, while still ensuring your lawn maintains friendly critters like bees and butterflies.

Many fertilizers claim to be good for the earth, but we put the extra effort into proving it. Our products are BeeSafe and organic. We offer just the right nutrients at the right time. Contact us to schedule your fertilization services today.

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Was able to connect with Derek and team at Swazy & Alexander late this year and they were able to fit us in for a fall cleanup. They came yesterday and, even though it was pouring all day, were able to make my yard spotless in a matter of hours..

John LeTourneau



In the spring of 2017, we considered just removing our front lawn altogether since it was just a miserable looking mess. However, after a visit and quote from Swazy & Alexander I was convinced to give the lawn another try. They were confident that they could bring it back to life...

Anne Welch



Thanks for all your hard work all season. The guys did a great job getting the final leaf pick up day before the storm!

Mary M.



Here in beautiful Salisbury, Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have year-round moisture keeps our lawns thriving. However, without proper care and maintenance, this rich greenery can quickly be pests and weeds. Most local homeowners want a gorgeous lawn that optimizes curb appeal. They dream of a place where the kids and dogs can play. We get it, because, at Swazy & Alexander Landscaping, LLC., we are your neighbors and we want just that too. We are committed to making Coastal Massachusetts beautiful.

We know that every lawn is as special as the homeowners they belong to and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Some of our residential lawn care services include:

  • Spring and Fall Fertilization
  • Fall Lawn Cleanup and Leaf Removal
  • Spring Cleanup and Preventative Control Implementation
  • Tick and Mosquito Control Treatments
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Composting
  • Hydretain Moisture Management
  • Deer Fencing
  • Property Enhancement

For all these services and more, contact us for your free estimate today.



At Swazy & Alexander, we specialize in lawn care services. We are on a mission to keep Coastal Massachusetts rich in beautifully manicured green vegetation. We offer the home and business owners of Boxford and the surrounding area a luxury lawn and a free schedule by taking care of all your lawn care needs. We are dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods green by caring for trees, shrubs, grass, perennials, and by reducing our chemical footprint along the way.

We offer a full menu of commercial and residential lawn care services that include:

  • Spring and Fall Fertilization
  • Fall Lawn Cleanup and Leaf Removal
  • Spring Cleanup and Weed Preventative Controls
  • Organic Tick and Mosquito Control
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Composting
  • Hydretain Moisture Management
  • Deer Fencing
  • Property Enhancement
  • Gypsy Moth and Winter Moth Control
  • Integrated Pest Management Programs
  • Water Management and Irrigation Services
  • Mulching
  • Lawn Maintenance

For all of your lawn care service needs, contact us for your free estimate today!


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