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Comprehensive Spring Services in Massachusetts

As the cold winter temperatures slowly give way to spring, your thoughts will begin to turn towards making your lawn and landscape ready for warmer days ahead. Green Sphere, Turf, Trees, Ticks offers all of the services you need to prepare your home’s lawn and landscape for fun and sun, including seasonal clean-up, fertilizing, planting, mowing, tick and mosquito control, pruning, and more! Stay ahead of the game by utilizing Green Sphere to prepare your lawn this spring.


Spring Services with Green Sphere


Spring Fertilization

Even the healthiest lawns in Massachusetts can take a serious beating during the winter months. Over the winter, your lawn was dormant and relied on food that it had stored away in the fall in order to survive. As the temperatures slowly begin to rise with the arrival of spring, your lawn will naturally begin to awaken from its dormant, hibernation state. At this time, it’s crucial that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to grow strong and recover from any winter damage that may have occurred. Now is the time for spring grass treatments!

When is the Right Time to Fertilize?

Here in Massachusetts, April is typically the ideal time to begin laying down the first rounds of fertilizer. From that point onward, a specialized application every 4-6 weeks usually keeps your lawn healthy through June. Our routine spring lawn fertilization services give your lawn some bursts of nutrients so that it can survive the hot, dry summers on the horizon.

In addition to these initial fertilizer applications, this is the perfect time to be proactive about weed control. Alongside your initial fertilization treatment, we can pair it with some pre-emergent herbicides to prevent nuisance plants like crabgrass. It’s important to hit weeds like crabgrass early, otherwise, it can completely consume your lawn and rob your grass of necessary nutrients.
Watering the lawn an issue? We can help with our moisture manager products that reduce watering needs by up to 50%!


Spring Lawn & Landscape Pest Control/ Tick & Mosquito control

During the winter months, while your lawn and landscape slept in their dormant state, you likely enjoyed a respite from the pests that can wreak havoc on your property. Bugs, pests, and other critters are usually dormant during the cold season as well, but as your property awakens, so too do these nuisance pests. As the days warm up, insects like grubs and chinch bugs can make a home in your yard, and rest assured, they are hungry from months of hibernation. Not only do these pests eat and destroy vegetation, but other pests like mosquitos and ticks can bite you, your family members, and pets — potentially causing illness.

Green Sphere Tick & Mosquito Treatments

Our team recommends that we begin to apply organic tick and mosquito treatments as a deterrent to these pests in April for our Massachusetts residents. For maximum efficacy, these treatments should be applied once a month until the end of October. Our natural pest control solution is made with cedar oil and other essential oils, which are completely safe to use around children and pets. The best part is they are as effective as the chemicals most companies use and we are often more price-competitive than them! Natural, organic tick control and natural repellents help to keep pests at bay from early spring throughout summer, all without exposing you and your loved ones to harmful chemicals while being cost-effective. It’s never made more sense to go organic. We also can reduce populations of mosquito with our highly effective mosquito trap service, which utilizes natural mosquito control using In2Care­® mosquito traps.


Spring Planting Services

Springtime in Massachusetts comes with a lot of perks, including being able to enjoy the beautiful colors and smells of fresh flowers. April is a great time for homeowners in Massachusetts to begin thinking about planting early spring annuals, like pansies. By the time May rolls around, temperatures usually normalize to the high 60s, making it a great time to prep your garden beds for growth and laying down compost.

Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials

By the time May arrives, the spring planting window is open for new trees, shrubs, and perennials. This is the time to plant your favorites and watch your property come to life! Our team of lawn care and landscape experts has extensive knowledge about how the soil of our region behaves in regards to planting, including details like monitoring soil temperatures and other advanced practices. When it comes to spring planting, we’ve got you (and your landscape) covered!

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning

Spring is the perfect time for us to perform pruning and cutback services of perennials, perennial grasses, and any other vegetation that may have crept its way into your landscape. Proper pruning allows for airflow and
sunlight to easily reach healthy plants and facilitate spring growth. We handle some structural tree pruning as well on your ornamental trees, which allows air and sun to penetrate through the crowns of flowering trees.


Spring Lawn Clean-Up

Over the winter months, it’s very likely that your lawn naturally developed a nice collection of debris from winter storms. This type of debris usually includes fallen branches and rogue fallen leaves that dropped late in the fall after your winter preparation took place. One of the best ways to get your lawn and landscape off to a great start in the spring is to have our team come in and do a thorough, professional spring clean-up.

What’s Included in a Spring Clean-Up?

Our comprehensive spring yard clean-up services typically include tasks such as these, although it could include other services depending on your property’s needs:

  • Clearing away leaves, branches, and clutter
  • Hauling away debris
  • Dethatching
  • Re-edging and cleaning of garden and flower beds
  • Redefining the borders of your lawn
  • Re-seeding damaged areas of your lawn
  • Pruning and trimming

Mowing and Landscape Maintenance

Before firing up the lawnmower, it’s important to ensure that your lawn has received the nutrients it needs to begin growing again after months of being dormant. Mowing too early can actually do a lot of damage to your lawn, as you could be agitating your grass before it has had the chance to become deeply rooted. In some cases, this can even kill your lawn.

Here in Massachusetts, the ideal time to resume lawn mowing services is around late April, although this can vary from lawn to lawn. Usually, a good indicator is the height of your new grass. It should be at least three inches tall before routine lawn mowing resumes. This is a critical time for the health of your lawn, and it’s typically best handled by lawn care professionals. Because your grass is using almost all of its energy in the spring to grow, the proper cutting procedure is vital. Green Sphere follows strict protocols for mowing patterns, properly maintained equipment, grasscycling, and more so that we can cultivate a lush, green lawn for the months ahead.

Pruning and Cutback

Spring is the perfect time for us to perform pruning and cutback services of perennials, perennial grasses, and any other vegetation that may have crept its way into your landscape. Proper pruning allows for airflow and sunlight to easily reach healthy plants and facilitate spring growth. We can handle some structural tree pruning as well, which allows air and sun to penetrate through the crowns of flowering trees.

Why Professional Spring Lawn Services Matter

There’s one big reason why spring lawn care is important — so your lawn and landscape will look fantastic in the summer and beyond. Having a tidy, clean look in the spring adds a lot of value to your home’s curb appeal. But beneath that beautiful surface-level look, you’ll also be doing the most for the health of your landscape. Strategic trimming helps perennials to thrive, mulching keeps weeds down and helps your landscape to conserve moisture, and keeping your lawn free of clutter and debris will help it to thrive unencumbered.

Green SphereTurf, Trees, Ticks and Swazy & Alexander Landscaping have been providing Newburyport and the surrounding communities in Massachusetts with professional, friendly, precise, and expert lawn services for years. When it’s time to get your lawn ready for another year, let us be the team that you depend on. Contact us today to find out more about our services and to schedule a consultation so that we can get the ball rolling on another fantastic season for your lawn and landscape.

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