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bug on plant leaf

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Landscape Pest Control

By Chris Imlach / December 3, 2019

Ticks, mosquitoes, deer, beetles, caterpillars, mice— the list of landscape pests can go on and on. We’re here to pique your interest and share some interesting (and somewhat scary) facts about some of Massachusetts’ most common lawn pests. Ready to be wowed? Check out these five things you probably didn’t know about the pests that affect your…

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view of treetops from underneath with blue sky in the background

Is Your Tree Dying? Signs of a “Sick” Tree

By Chris Imlach / October 28, 2019

When you get sick, it can be hard to diagnose the problem. Though you have a runny nose and sore throat, that can be a number of illnesses. Trees get a variety of infections or are affected by their environment just like us— except they often have very different symptoms than sneezing or fevering! In…

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city park with grass and trees

Protect Your Trees from Invasive Insects with Arborjet Tree Injections

By Chris Imlach / October 17, 2019

The emergence of spring welcomes many hungry insects, out from hibernation or hatching in hoards. These caterpillars, moths, beetles and other pests take to your plants, breeding nests in your branches, eating up your leaves, and oftentimes, slowly killing your towering trees. Your trees took years and years to grow so tall and mighty, and…

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moth on leaf

Massachusetts Most Common Tree Bugs & How to Stop Them

By Chris Imlach / June 3, 2019

Insects infestation can be a real problem. These pesky buggers swarm or overtake your trees, eating away at your prized landscape features. Not only is it expensive to replace these trees if attacked and killed, but no homeowner wants to worry about stepping on caterpillars or seeing fuzzy, mold-like pods on once-vibrant plants. Those living…

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