1. The Dangers of Over-Fertilizing Your Lawn

    You may have good intentions when fertilizing your lawn, but not laying down the proper amount can cause your grass a lot of stress. Here are four ways over-fertilizing can harm your turf: 1. Unnaturally Quick Growth Can Lead to More Maintenance & Future Turf Trouble In humans, overeating has bo…Read More

  2. Why Fertilizer is Important for Lawn Health

    Is your lawn starving? If you haven’t fertilized lately, it could be. Grass needs nutrients to thrive, but many lawns are constantly malnourished and don’t look as good as they should. Patchiness, bare spots, browning, and weed invasion are hallmarks of a starving or struggling yard. These probl…Read More

  3. image of grass buds emerging through dirt

    The Pros & Cons of Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers

    Finding the Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn If you’re on the hunt for a landscape fertilizer, you’re in the right place. We’re here to clear up some confusion around organic vs. chemical fertilizers, listing some popular advantages and disadvantages to each form of nourishment. Whether you’re…Read More

  4. hands holding a tree up to the sun

    Celebrate Earth Day Right with these Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips

    Every April, there’s a special day devoted to recognizing our environmental impact and helping to protect our vibrant planet: Earth Day. In honor of this annual movement, we wanted to share some eco-friendly landscaping tips. We hope they empower homeowners— like you!— to make some greener la…Read More

  5. 6 Darn-Good Reasons to Switch to Organic Lawn Fertilizer

    Organic Turf Treatments in Massachusetts Do you have dead or yellowing grass in your yard? Maybe it’s time to nourish your lawn! You’ve been hearing some great things about your neighbor’s results using organic fertilizer, but you’re still hesitant to try it for yourself. What’s the big di…Read More