5 Perennial Flowers to Plant this Summer in Your Northeastern Garden

By Chris Imlach / November 21, 2019

Not all flowers thrive in our Northeastern climate, and it can be hard finding the best perennials to come back year after year in your garden. That’s why we’ve picked five of our favorite floras, to brighten up your Massachusetts landscape, all summer long. Check out these beautiful buds: 1. Hydrangeas Homeowners love the soft,…

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Bee on flower

Make a Pollinator Garden to Help to Save the Bees

By Chris Imlach / November 14, 2019

Pollination? Sure, we’ve all heard that it’s important, but how does it work again? For those who need a refresher, when a bee lands on a flower and drinks its nectar, pollen from the flower’s male productive organ— the stamen—sticks to the little hairs on the bee’s legs. When the bee lands on a new…

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