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Using Landscape Enhancements in Your Yard

By Chris Imlach / April 13, 2021

Why settle for a plain, run-of-the-mill yard? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the basics — nice grass, manicured trees, and tasteful foliage — but those aren’t going to turn any heads. You deserve to have a lively, colorful, and picturesque yard that will make your friends and neighbors take notice. Well-orchestrated landscape enhancements can significantly…

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Should I Overseed or Sod my Lawn?

By Chris Imlach / January 16, 2020

Summer’s passed… and your lawn is looking a little rough. There’s bare patches, deary spots or overrun weeds— and your turf is in need of a serious facelift before the cold weather hits. Not overseeding or laying sod on weakened grass can mean bad things come spring after a harsh winter of damage to your turf. Fortunately, rejuvenating…

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Swazy & Alexander Celebrates 15 Years in Business

By Chris Imlach / January 13, 2020

Swazy & Alexander Celebrates 15 Years in Business Local Landscaping & Fertilization Company Grows its Success, Year-After-Year Newburyport, MA: Swazy & Alexander Landscaping LLC/ Green Sphere, a landscaping and fertilization company specializing in Property Care and Turf, Tree and Tick Treatments, just announced their 15th year in business. After founding the company in late August 2004,…

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Soil pH Explained: Acidic vs. Alkaline, What it All Means & How to Neutralize Your Lawn

By Chris Imlach / January 6, 2020

You’ve probably heard landscapers talking about the importance of a “neutral” soil, or perhaps the horror stories from neighbors about how their “acidic” lawn destroyed their grass. But beyond that, do you really understand what the pH of your lawn really means? We’re here to talk about the difference between acidic vs. alkaline soil and…

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Identifying Some of Massachusetts Most Common Garden Weeds

By Chris Imlach / January 2, 2020

For many New Englanders, gardening can rapidly change from a relaxing experience to a frustrating chore. After planting lovely flowers and bushes, your neat arrangements can become surrounded by pesky garden weeds— in a matter of days! Before you can keep the weeds away, it helps to know what exactly you’re up against. That’s why we…

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Soil Nutrients 101: The Role of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium in Fostering Green Grass

By Chris Imlach / December 30, 2019

Is your lawn looking a little faded or lackluster? It’s probably in desperate need of some important nutrients. While your soil can benefit from a myriad of minerals, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium are considered “macronutrients”— and are needed in larger quantities than other “micronutrients” to promote healthy lawn growth. However, the nutrients your lawn…

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image of lawn mower wheel and clump of grass

The Benefits of Reusing Your Grass Clippings, AKA Grasscycling

By Chris Imlach / December 26, 2019

Some homeowners love the look of a “clean” mow— so they bag their grass clippings instead of letting them lie on their lawn. But reusing your grass clippings can benefit not only your turf but your entire landscape (if you compost it!). Let’s learn a little more about this practice and put your leftover blades to good…

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Lawn Grubs: Treating & Preventing Pesky Larvae & Beetles

By Chris Imlach / December 19, 2019

Grub and Beetle Control Services Are beetles swarming your lawn in early summer? These bugs do more than just eat your plant’s leaves and annoy you while trying to enjoy the evening sunset on your deck. Beetles can lay eggs in your grass, which hatch into hungry grubs and destroy your turf from the ground…

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Identifying & Getting Rid of Crabgrass

By Chris Imlach / December 16, 2019

You had a beautiful spring green-up, but as summer waves hello, so too, do weeds. One weed, in particular, has become quite the nuisance…. Crabgrass! These broad blades emerge in tuffs across your well-manicured grass, marring your sleek, clean lawn with chaotic, unmatching clumps of green. Spot and stop crabgrass in its tracks with these tips…

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Poison Ivy leaves

How to Identify & Safely Get Rid of Poison Ivy in Your Yard

By Chris Imlach / December 5, 2019

If you suspect you’ve got poison ivy growing around your landscape, this toxic plant can be a real threat to your family. If your children or guests come into contact with this nuisance, they can develop a nasty rash from the ivy’s resin or oils (Urushiol). Identify poison ivy in your yard and get rid…

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6 Incredible Benefits of Composting

By Chris Imlach / December 2, 2019

Perhaps you’ve heard of the power of composting, but we bet you didn’t know how truly incredible this magical, mushy spread is for your landscape. Rich compost can not only make your grass greener and thicker, but it can also help your garden thrive beautifully— oftentimes better than any store-bought fertilizer. Or, it can be…

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6 Mowing Tips For Healthy Grass this Summer

By Chris Imlach / November 25, 2019

Summer is approaching, and your grass is going to start growing like wild! If you’re having some problems maintaining a lush yard, maybe the way you’re mowing is the issue. Check out these six mowing tips to cultivate healthy, vibrant grass this season: 1. Don’t Overwater Running sprinklers during a hot summer can help your…

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