1. sprinklers on lawn

    How to Properly Hydrate Your Lawn in Spring

    After a long Massachusetts winter, your lawn is probably thirsty. Frigid temperatures and the dry start to winter kept your soil frozen and dry for long periods of time, preventing it from absorbing the water it needs. Compare a spring watering to dumping a glass of water on a sleeping friend— it…Read More

  2. Garden lawn with bare spots after winter

    Dead or Yellow Grass this Spring? It Might Be Salt Damage

    Every winter you treat your sidewalks at first sight of snow, the town salts the road. There are no accidents, no one slips and all is well. But come spring, there’s a problem: the grass around these areas is destroyed— a distinct yellow or dried brown. While the rest of your turf comes back, a…Read More

  3. frosted grass in winter

    The Landscaper’s Guide to Regrowing Dead Grass After Winter Damage

    Winter can really take a toll on your turf. Dry winds, excess moisture from snow or ice and pesky critters can make a massacre of your lawn all season long. If your grass is dead or damaged post-winter, we’ve got you covered. Let’s determine the cause and give your landscape the refresh it needs…Read More

  4. field of long grass with bright wildflowers

    5 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Massachusetts Homeowners

    As winter subsides, we’re all gearing up to spend time outside. But cold Massachusetts temperatures likely took a toll on your turf— and now’s the time to give it the TLC it needs. Welcome spring graciously this year with these five important spring lawn care tips: 1. Clean Up Early Spring Ove…Read More