The Secret to a Beautiful Lawn is Healthy Soil

Did you know that a teaspoon of healthy soil contains about 4 billion organisms? So it is realy no surprise that these microbes play a crucial role in building and maintaining healthy grounds. Understanding working with these microbes instead of against them is an important landscaping practice, which improves the health and appearance of lawns and gardens.

Improving the health of soil by adding more organic matter  to create structure and pore space will help reduce nutrient runoff and give you more return for your fertilizer dollars. Fixing  your soil can also save money by reducing summer irrigation needs as plants grow deeper roots and the ground holds more water. Healthier plants have fewer pest and disease problems  and require less fertilizer—so you’ll need fewer chemicals, which is great for human health and the environment.

Soil health is the foundation of any plant health care system because good health makes it easier to get good results!