Get the Greenest Lawn on the Block – Weed & Pest Free

Make Your Yard Something to Brag About

The cold, harsh winter months and the drying summer sun can really do a number on your lawn— and right now, your grass could really use some care.

First impressions make for lasting impressions. Imagine the thrill of parking your car in the driveway of the nicest property on the street.

Create brag-worthy turf with the fertilization experts at Green Sphere, Swazy & Alexander’s premier division of turf experts.

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Needs

From pure organics, conventional treatments or hybrid mixes, we customize our special turf care services just for you. Pair this with our Property Care services and Organic Fertilization program to have the healthy lawn you’ve always wanted.

Landscape Maintenance

Organic Fertilization

Here’s three ways we bring new life to your lawn:

Aeration & Overseeding

This relieves the compaction of your soil from rain and snow, foot traffic and more. We’ll tossle your soil with new seeds to thicken and revitalize your turf.

Topdressing with Dehydrated Compost

Our mix goes into your soil while we’re aerating and seeding, adding natural matter to your lawn. It’s not the smelly, expensive compost you’re used to. Our dehydrated recipe is more sustainable and incorporated within your soil so the sight and smell go unnoticed.

Hydretain Moisture Management Products

You’ve invested a lot into your landscape. Our professional-grade Hydretain products are like an insurance policy for your lawn! They absorb water from the air, reducing watering by up to 50%, saving costs on irrigation and giving you a lush, green lawn (even during water bans.)

Turf Fertilization Program

Protect your lawn from pesky insects and achieve the green, lush lawn you desire with our personalized turf services.

Our 7-Step Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

All of our programs start with a soil test to determine your property’s unique needs. Achieve a weed and bug-free yard with our 7-step IPM process:

  • Step 1 (early spring): Fertilize with pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  • Step 2 (late spring): Fertilize again with pre-emergent crabgrass control. Weed control as needed.
  • Step 3 (late spring): Apply preventative grub control to ward off pests.
  • Step 4 (early summer): Fertilize with slow-release formula. Weed control as needed.
  • Step 5 (early fall): Fertilize with a slow-release formula to prepare turf roots and revitalize. Weed control as needed.
  • Step 6 (early fall): Apply lime to balance PH levels.
  • Step 7 (mid-fall): Apply lawn treatment to winterize the turf roots and prepare for early spring greenery.

No need to worry about hunting around for a variety of property care options— we’re full-service. Don’t hesitate to create your own custom care package by pairing our additional Plant Health Care and Tick & Mosquito Control services.

Hire a professional— you’ll be glad you did.

Custom Program Pricing