Vegetable Garden – June 26

Well it’s creative but it’s not pretty. The twine should support the tomatoes in the garden as they continue to grow. I definitely have over planted the vegetable beds but not for the reasons I thought (air flow issues etc. … at least not yet).  The tomatoes are actually completely covering the peppers and crowding them out,  you can’t even see them anymore so they need to be moved.

If you watch the video (Click below) you’ll see that I have the junior farmers helping me with the watering. A word to the wise … if you have junior farmers of your own that do the watering, double check their work! I didn’t and this morning I found a couple tomatoes that were pretty dry and thirsty!

My brother (who gave me the knowledge to get things growing as well as they are) advised me not water using town water since the chlorine will affect the soils nutrient levels. This is one piece of advice that I haven’t been following since it’s just not practical.  What I have been doing though is using the water from the dehumidifier in the basement to water as often as possible, how’s that for reduce/ reuse/ recycle!Things are growing very well at this point.  I found when I was staking the pots and moved them that the tomatoes have roots growing out the bottom holes that are about 8″ long.  That’s a great thing except that I wish I put them in bigger pots.

Our strawberries, which were at our house already last year when we moved in are doing great as well, much better than last year.  I attribute this to the root zone fertilizer we did to the shrubs and couple of ornamental trees right around it.