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Winter Landscaping Services

Invasive Plant Removal, Tree & Shrub Care, and Spring Preparation

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Lawn & Landscape Care Doesn’t Stop in the Winter

During the cold winter months, your lawn and landscape may be dormant, but it still needs looking after. While you may dread the temperatures, the seasonal slow-down of plant growth actually provides the perfect opportunity to deal with landscaping issues before they become a major problem in the spring. From dealing with invasive plant species to pruning ornamental trees and shrubs while their growth cycle is slowed, Green Sphere can handle it all!

Our Winter Seasonal Landscaping Services Include:

✓  Invasive Plant Removal
  Ornamental Tree Pruning
✓  Shrub Pruning
✓  Snow Removal

Invasive Plant Removal is Vital in the Dormant Season

Massachusetts is no stranger to invasive plant species, and they can do a number on your landscape. When growth is slowed during the winter months, also called the “dormant season,” it presents the perfect opportunity to deal with these invasive plants before they have a chance to completely overrun your landscape. At Green Sphere, we’re adept with invasive plant management strategies, invasive plant identification, and most importantly, invasive plant removal. Here are some of the usual suspects in our region in regards to invasive species:

  • Asiatic Bittersweet
  • Barberry
  • Norway Maple
  • Bamboo
  • Knotweed
  • Buckthorne
  • Phragmite
  • And More

The importance of dealing with invasive plant species can’t be overstated. Invasive plants are one of the greatest threats not only to your own personal landscape, but to the natural ecosystem of Massachusetts as a whole. Invasive species are able to outpace, displace, or outright kill native species of plants. In all, there are more than 60 plant species common in Massachusetts that are considered invasive, most of which were introduced accidentally or for landscaping purposes, and then spread out of control. For more information on these invasive plant species, which have been banned from landscaping use, you can visit the Massachusetts Invasive Advisory Group’s page here.

Dormant Season Pruning

When your trees and shrubs are dormant during the winter months, it presents the perfect opportunity to get a head start on pruning. When plants are dormant, the act of pruning is far less likely to spread any plant diseases and are less prone to injury. We also have the advantage of being more precise in our pruning without leaves obstructing our view, getting the perfect cut every time. Most importantly, however, your plants will thrive all the more in the spring when they have a clean foundation to awaken to, becoming healthier in the following season.

Trust Green Sphere for Your Winter Landscape Needs

We’re committed to providing each of our customers with the winter landscaping services they need to have a healthy, thriving property, no matter the season. We encourage you to take advantage of your landscape’s dormant state and be proactive with pruning and invasive plant removal.. We also provide convenient seasonal services such as snow removal. Contact the friendly professionals at Green Sphere today for a free quote on winter services!

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