Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization Boosts the Growth of Your Trees & Shrubs

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From diseases to stress to pest invasion, deep root fertilization can help your trees & shrubs stand up to and flourish in difficult environments.

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Because the nutrients are injected directly into the roots, there’s no worry about where your fertilizer is going to end up ... and no waste!

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Deep root fertilization is typically done in the fall but can be done at anytime of the year to give your trees & shrubs a nice boost.

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Potential Problem Solver

Many trees in residential areas suffer from diseases caused by nutrient deprivation or intense environments. Deep root fertilization gives your trees & shrubs the resources they need to flourish. If your leaves are looking sparse or your fruit trees are not producing, this fertilization treatment can bring life back into your plants.

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Safe Fertilization Alternative

Traditional fertilizer sprays have been known to drift into bodies of water or into storm drains, which in turn end up polluting natural areas. Deep root fertilization eliminates this risk. Since the nutrients are injected directly into the soil, there is no run off to transport fertilizer into any other areas. If you are concerned about your trees and the surrounding environment, deep root fertilization from Green Sphere Lawn gives you the chance to feed or treat your trees and shrubs without harmful impacts to the environment.

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Can Be Done Anytime of the Year

Deep root fertilization is typically done in the fall to provide nutrients in your trees for spring uptake by storing nutrients in the canopy for optimum growth. This is a great way to ensure that your trees flourish come the new year! This treatment can be done at any point in the year to address any growth or health problems you may be having.


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