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Unfortunately, you’ve experienced your fair share of mediocre fertilizing services- companies who over spray expensive and under-effective products without any special attention to what’s best for your lawn.

Don’t settle for anything less than a health-conscious, sustainable solution to your property woes that doesn’t keep dipping into your pocket or free time.

Trust our Green Sphere fertilization division to deliver the gold standard of quality property care.

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What Sets Us Apart

There’s no property like yours- you’re special. That’s why we treat each yard with a unique touch.

Unlike many fertilization companies who pay their workers per stop, our techs are rewarded for the quality of their work, ensuring they’re more committed to delivering a higher standard of care.

Just like you, we value doing the right thing for both the environment and your family. That means also being conscious of the kinds of chemicals we choose and how they affect your surroundings.

We believe in treating as minimally as possible, leaving the smallest chemical fingerprint possible, while producing the superior results you want.

Explore Our Fertilization Services

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Lawn Fertilization

Take pride in your property by having the greenest lawn on the block. Our choices of treatments make it easy to achieve a weed and pest-free yard you can brag about.

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Organic Fertilization

Don’t waste your time and money on costly “organic” solutions that under deliver. Trust our experts to mix a natural recipe tailored to your property’s unique needs that’s both effective and sustainable.

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Tree &  Shrub Fertilization

Protect your Trees & Shrubs from pests & disease with targeted tree injections and maintain their health with regular fertilization. All treatments are safely performed by our fertilization experts.

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Tick and Mosquito Control

Never worry about Lyme disease or malaria in the confines of your home again. We’ll treat your property to ward off harmful pests without chemicals, which will also ensure that your lawn maintains friendly critters like bees and butterflies.