Organic Lawn Treatments

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Our Fully Organic Lawn Program: 

We perform free soil testing to determine your lawns unique needs.

Our Organic Lawn Care Program is comprised of top of the line, fully organic products. Along with our standard programs, we may include soil conditioning products based on your soil test results and current conditions. This Organic program excludes traditional weed control which contains chemicals.

We typically do 6 lawn and 1 compost application throughout the season. Our  specialty fertilizer simultaneously supports soil health and nutrition.

Some key ingredients are:

  • Kelp Extract
  • Molasses
  • Humic Acid
  • Natural Compost
  • A wide variety of microbes

 Preventative Organic Grub Control is Here!


Left untreated grubs can destroy any lawn. After research and field trials, we now have a 100% organic solution for grub control. The best part is that by organically treating your lawn for grubs, you'll also be helping with general pest control on your property while leaving beneficial insects like bees unharmed and pollinating! That's a win for your lawn, a win for the bees and a win for the environment!

How does it work?

By applying our cedar oil blend across the lawn, we are able to provide preventative grub control that has been proven effective at all four stages of white grubs. Cedar Oil is the main ingredient in our organic tick control programs as well, so by using this application for grubs you’ll get some general pest and tick control as well.

So if I already have a Tick Control Program, won't that treat the grubs?

Unfortunately no. To control grubs we use a specific formulation and apply a heavier layer to the lawn in order for the product to soak into the soil where the grubs are feeding.  Tick treatments are a different formulation and our sprays focus on areas outside of your lawn, including the perimeter of your property,  wood line, shrubs, beds, and other cool, damp areas the ticks love to live. If you are concerned about ticks, give us a call for further information.


If you have any questions about Preventive Organic Grub Control give us a call!