Peace Of Mind That’s Effective & Cost-Conscious

You already invest in healthy options for your family, choosing unprocessed food and products whenever possible. Why not give your lawn the same natural care?

You’d love to opt-in for a full organic experience, but two big things are holding you back. You’ve heard that:

  • Organic is nice but usually expensive.
  • Pure organic isn’t always as effective as conventional methods.

You’re already spending a lot on your day-to-day items and it becomes hard to justify the cost of organic when conventional treatments get the same job done with less strain on your wallet. Natural products also usually take longer to produce results. The truth is, costly and ineffective results are just the reality of most organic fertilization programs.

But not with Green Sphere, Swazy & Alexander’s premier division of turf experts.

Challenging Your Idea of “Organic”

At Green Sphere, quality comes naturally. We’re here to change your point-of-view on organic fertilization, producing lush spaces with limited or no chemical use for minimal additional costs.

Our trained fertilization experts know how to mix the perfect organic remedy, feeding your lawn for sustainable growth, because sustainability is a core value of our company. No need to worry about harsh chemicals destroying your soil microbes or contaminating your local environment or ecosystem. And, you never have to worry that your lawn is getting more than it needs. 

From protecting the declining bee population by using all neonicotinoid-free BeeSafe® products to always choosing the least disruptive solutions, we’ll minimize the environmental impact for both your family and your neighborhood.

Organic Turf Fertilization Programs

Our organic programs are custom-designed to treat your specific property. From price matching the major name brands to utilizing locally-sourced materials, we use premium, trusted products that promise natural and effective results.

All of our programs start with a soil test to determine your property’s unique needs:

Our Hybrid Program: “Optimized Organic”

Put less stress on your property and your wallet with our fertilization services. Our 8-step hybrid option is our highest recommended program for those new to organic treatment, nurturing your lawn without a full organic conversion.

We begin with an early spring fertilization and a pre-emergent crabgrass control treatment to get your lawn started on the right root. Throughout the year, we’ll perform five other organic fertilization treatments as well a hybrid variation of preventative grub control and specialized lime application.

Our Full Organic Program: “Premium Organic”

This Premium care process is similar to our Hybrid, but with 100% pesticide-free treatments. Unlike our Optimized Organic program above, this process does not include weed management, grub control or lime application to ensure true organic care.

Not ready to switch to organic? We have you covered there too.

Don’t “Want No Grubs”?  Preventative Organic Grub Control is Here!

Left untreated, grubs can destroy any lawn,  After much research and field trials we now have a 100% Organic solution to grub control.  The best part?  By organically treating your lawn for grubs you’ll also be helping to control the tick population on your property while leaving the beneficial bees unharmed to keep pollinating your flowers and veggie gardens.  That’s a win for your lawn, a win for the bees, and a win for the environment! 

How does it work?

By applying a high rate mixture of Cedar Oil across the lawn we are now able to offer preventative grub control that has been proven effective on all 4 stages of white grubs.  Cedar Oil is the main ingredient in our Organic Tick Control programs so by treating for grubs you will get some tick control as well. See our brief video about our program below.

So if I already have a Tick Control Program, won’t that treat the grubs?

Unfortunately no. To control grubs we need to mix at a higher rate and apply a heavier application to get it to soak into the soil where the grubs are feeding.  Ticks are a surface insect so a light application is more than enough to control them.  Additionally, a Tick Control program is a season long service designed to reduce tick populations by targeting the ticks throughout their life cycle by treating a larger tick habitat than just the lawn.  These areas include the property perimeter/ woods line, shrubs,  beds, and other cool damp areas the ticks love like under decks and around woodpiles. Grub control is targeted to just the lawn in a much smaller window when they are active so you will get control in the lawn after a spray but it is not going to rid your property of ticks for the season.  

If you have any questions about Preventive Organic Grub Control let us know.

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