Safe-Guard Against Infectious Insects

Living in New England, we all know someone who’s been affected by Lyme disease, the West Nile virus or other illnesses spread by ticks and mosquitoes. Feel safe enjoying the outdoors at home without worrying about an insect endemic. Protect your family by ensuring your yard is treated against these harmful pests.

Tick & Mosquito Sprays

Reclaim your yard with our specialized Organic tick & mosquito spray formulas! Our Organics are just as effective as the competitor’s chemicals, but with the extra peace of mind of being chemical free.  Most traditional pest control concoctions contain chemicals that are harmful to people, pets and friendly insects. Chemicals like neonicotinoids kill bees, earthworms, and butterflies. Not only are our natural products work as effectively, but they are competitively priced!

Tick Tubes for Yard

Tick control tubes are a new level of tick protection. These specialized tubes provide an easy-to-apply method of exterminating ticks around your property, particularly in areas where our other organic treatment methods have trouble being effective. These tick tubes kill ticks early in their life cycle so they are unable to cause harm to people and pets. Green Sphere now has the ability to add a level of control to your property’s tick population, even when we can’t reach every single square foot with spraying methods.

How Tick Tubes Work

When ticks are early in their life cycle, they primarily only feed on small animals like mice. When ticks mature, they begin to feed on larger hosts like deer, pets and humans. Tick control tubes work by targeting mice, which are young ticks’ primary food source. The mice seek out the tubes and use the material to line their nests underground. In the process, the mice also coat themselves with this tick-killing material. When an unsuspecting tick finds its mouse host, it soon perishes from exposure to this material. This interrupts the tick life cycle, killing them before they have a chance to fully mature and become a threat to your family’s health. And they’re made from biodegradable cardboard!

Our technicians will carefully examine your property to identify targeted areas where tick control tube placements will be most effective -  like woodpiles, sheds, and along stone walls - and strategically place the tubes. 

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We recognize that every property is different and has it's own set of needs.

Based on specific conditions, your products and services can be customized as needed.