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Your trees not only add beauty and shade to your property but are also a great asset and a timeless feature you would not want to lose! Coastal Massachusetts winters and pests can be brutal, compromising the health and strength of your beloved trees! The experts at Green Sphere can help to give your trees the fighting chance they need to overcome insects, disease, damage, and vulnerability. We can offer you peace of mind that your trees will continue to bloom and thrive!


Our Tree & Shrub Care Programs Include:

✓  Organic Fertilization
✓  ARBORJet® Tree Injections
  Deep Root Fertilization
✓  Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPM)
✓  Pruning and Other Tree Care Services



Protecting the Irreplaceable

After another year and another fleet of hungry insects devouring your prized cherry blossom or making swiss cheese out of your hemlock trees, you’re likely frustrated. These aren’t just any trees, they’re your property’s centerpieces, and they represent a lot of time and effort put into their growth over the years. Spring time is a time of growth but also, if you aren’t proactive, tree infestation.

Gypsy moths or wooly adelgids can ruin your irreplaceable mighty trees. If you want to protect your beloved plant life and the good insects that help breed life, but also get rid of the pests that are devastating your trees, we’re here to help! If you’re concerned about potentially contaminating your local water source, deck, or kids’ play area by spraying your entire property with chemical pesticides, you don’t need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Keep your yard flourishing and your kids and neighborhood safe with the help of our trusted plant health care experts and ARBORjet® injection tree fertilization specialists.


Our ARBORjet® tree trunk injection system eliminates the need to spray pesticides by injecting the tree directly, much like us getting a vaccination at out doctor's office!

Typically when a treatment for pests or disease is needed, sprays are used. We prefer the Arborjet injection because sprays not only drift into areas you don’t want them to, but much of the product can be lost into thin air! Injections spread directly throughout the tree and do not contaminate its surroundings, making it the perfect solution for trees at risk near wetlands or conservation areas.

Green Sphere is one of only a few companies in our area to invest the time to get the specialized training necessary to offer this service to customers. We observe insect life cycles so we know precisely when to inject tree fertilizer treatments and which product to use.


This liquid fertilization service injects micro-nutrients directly to the drip-line of your tree or shrub’s fibrous roots for brilliant growth and speedy recovery from environmental damage. This service provides essential nutrition and helps your trees and shrubs quickly heal from the stress of drought or harsh weather.


Our IPM system is designed to protect your trees and shrubs from harmful invaders. By monitoring your ornamental trees and shrubs regularly throughout the season, we are able to determine which specific pests or diseases are causing damage and effectively treat in a timely fashion. This is terrific because by nipping problems in the bud (pun intended!) we can use no or fewer chemicals because problems will not have a chance to take hold.



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The after effects of last years drought

As we enter the spring season, we wanted to provide an update on the condition of lawns in the area. After last summer’s drought, we were cautiously optimistic about the recovery of lawns heading into the fall of 2022. However, we have observed extensive dead patches throughout the region this spring, and we wanted to…

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The 3 legged stool that is your lawn

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