Protecting the Irreplaceable

Another year, another fleet of hungry insects devouring your prized Cherry Blossom or making swiss cheese of your Hemlocks. These aren’t just any trees — they’re your property’s centerpieces. Springtime is a time of growth and, if you aren’t proactive, tree infestation. 

Gypsy Moths or Wooly Adelgids are making a ruin of your irreplaceable investments — your mighty trees. You want to protect your beloved plant life and the good insects that help breed life, but you want to get rid of the pests that are devastating your trees. You are concerned about potentially contaminating your local water source, deck, or kids play area by spraying your entire property with chemical pesticides.

Keep your yard flourishing and your kids and neighborhood safe with the help of our trusted plant health care experts and ARBORjet® injection specialists.

Specially Trained Treatment Professionals

ARBORjet® tree injections aren’t something that any “everyday” fertilization company can perform. It’s science-driven by expert knowledge and practice. The skilled technicians at Swazy & Alexander’s Green Sphere division have the knowledge and experience you can count on.

Our specialists observe insect life cycles to know precisely when to inject treatments. They can also determine the exact treatments you’ll need based on your tree’s species and diameter. We’ll be conscious of your restrictions for your property, neighborhood, and nearby conservation areas too.

We complement our safe tree injections with our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program or tick and mosquito control services, using the least amount of pesticides and treatments as possible. Rest assured knowing your cherished Japanese Maple is in the right hands.

Tick & Mosquito Control

Tree Injection & Fertilization Programs

Naturally, preserve and encourage growth across your property with our specialized tree and shrub care services:

ARBORjet® Injections

Our ARBORjet® trunk injection system eliminates the need for risky pesticides, while still protecting your trees against troublesome pests — even if your root system extends into the water, these injections only spread throughout the tree and do not contaminate its surroundings.

Swazy & Alexander’s Green Sphere division is one of the only companies to invest the time and specialized training necessary to offer this service in the North Shore area. Explore more about ARBORjet here.


Deep Root Fertilization (DRF)

We’ll inject micro-nutrients around the drip-line of your tree or shrub’s fibrous roots for brilliant growth or speedy recovery.

Our DRF system helps your trees and shrubs quickly heal from the stress of drought or harsh weather or to encourage fantastic blooms on flowering plants.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our IPM system is designed to protect not just your trees, but your entire property from harmful invaders. By monitoring your ornamental trees and shrubs, we are able to determine which specific pests are causing the damage and effectively treat using fewer chemicals at the proper time.

Explore our complimentary tick and mosquito control services to create your own custom fertilization plan.

Tick & Mosquito Control